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Ilana Bar-Or
CPO, Executive Product mentor
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David Neeman
CPO @ Ludeo
VP Product, Gaming Specialist
Gil Blumenfeld
Co founder & CEO @ Otarki
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Shiran Shuster Tzur
VP Product @ Plus500™
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Rani Bar Hama
VP Product @ Ahoy
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Gadi Ganon
VP Product Technologies @ Playtika
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Product Management as a Service
The smart choice for your business
When it comes to developing and launching a successful product, having a top-level product manager can make all the difference. By working with an outsourced team of product management experts, you can access the skills, experience, and industry knowledge you need to take your product to the next level.
Streamlined product management
Initial Consultation
This includes a deep dive into your product strategy, target market, user personas, and competition.
Star Selection
Based on your specific needs, we'll assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the project and ensure seamless communication and collaboration.
Product strategy development
Our Product Star will work with you to develop a comprehensive product strategy that aligns with your business goals, user needs, and market trends.
Agile product development
Your Product Star will work in agile sprints to develop and launch your product, with regular checkpoints and progress updates to ensure transparency and alignment with your goals.
Post-launch support
We will continue to provide post-launch support and product optimization, with ongoing monitoring of product metrics and user feedback to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
Performance-based pricing
Our fees are based on performance metrics, ensuring that our success is aligned with your product's success. This ensures that you're getting the best possible value for your investment, and that our team is fully invested in helping you achieve your goals.
What our clients have to say:
Partnering with an outsourced product manager was a game-changer for our product development. Their team of experts helped us refine our product strategy, develop new features, and launch a successful product that exceeded our expectations
Guy Maoz
CEO at Wealth.com
As a startup, we needed a team of product managers who could work quickly, adapt to changing market conditions, and help us achieve our goals. Working with an outsourced product manager gave us the flexibility and expertise we needed to launch our product and achieve
Daniell Federman
CEO at Reyes Holdings
Our in-house product team was struggling to keep up with the demands of our fast-paced market. By outsourcing our product management, we were able to tap into a team of experts who had the skills and experience to drive our product forward and keep pace with our competitors.
Dana Lahav
CTFO at Echo Street Capital